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yuri is your one-stop shop for microgravity. Whether you want to
take your experiment to the ISS, manufacture new materials
or fly on a parabolic flight yourself. We’ve got you covered.

Credit: NASA, SpaceX, Novespace

What is microgravity?

Microgravity is the condition in which objects appear to be weightless.
Doing research under such conditions helps finding cures to the world’s deadliest diseases or discovering advanced materials.

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The problem today

Access to microgravity is scarce and expensive, and the path towards it is lengthy and complex


Mostly custom developments, no price transparency, large overhead, usually 7-figure missions


Long certification loops, limited launch slots, usually several years from kickoff to launch


Tons of paper work, complex safety requirements, multiple parties involved

yuri makes access to microgravity simpler, quicker and more affordable

Choose from a variety of platforms (ISS, orbital and suborbital spacecraft, parabolic flights, etc.). Get to microgravity in less than 9 months.
Missions start at €10,000.

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Configure your mission with our
easy-to-use web configurator

Say goodbye to endless requirement loops and non-transparent pricing. Our configurator lets you select the right combination of platform and hardware, while giving you real-time feedback on price and schedule.

Configure your mission

Choose from our large portfolio
of hardware equipment

Whether you need to grow cells, cultivate bacteria or shoot a video of your product in space - we have the hardware for it. And if not, we can customize one for you.

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We democratize microgravity

We are passionate about making microgravity accessible to all industries. With experience from 11 ISS missions and 30+ years in the space industry, our team knows how to launch you to microgravity speedily and at minimum cost.

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