Formerly airbus, now yuri

A new home has been found for
the Random Positioning Machine (RPM)

We are happy to announce that yuri has acquired the RPM business from Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands B.V. and will continue its successful history from now on.

By adding the RPM to our portfolio we are finally closing the last gap on our way to truly becoming a one-stop-shop for microgravity.

The RPM is used as a simulation platform for micro- and partial gravity experiments as well as for preparation and post-flight analysis of experiments on the International Space Station.

It achieves simulated microgravity (s-μg) by providing a continuous random change in orientation of an accommodated experiment relative to the Earth gravity vector. When the changes in direction of the object on the RPM are faster than the object's response to gravity, this generates effects similar to the effects of real microgravity in Space.

Take a quick look at the best features

Performance Data:

  • Compact design supports experiments in incubators (control of temperature, CO2 and RH) and radiation facilities
  • Supports Experiment Gravity Levels between 10-3 g and 0.9 g (e.g. Moon or Mars gravity)

Key Features:

  • PC and software are included to operate the RPM and to monitor its parameters, such as average g-level
  • Unique and proven path algorithms with protection against pole bias
  • Integrated power and communication interfaces

Want to know even more?

The RPM was developed more than 20 years ago by Airbus and is valued by more than 60 research groups around the globe today, including NASA and ESA.

The RPM from Airbus is the world's most cited and used solution for investigating the effects of s-µg on biological processes, when the s-µg method of choice requires randomization of the microgravity simulation.

We conducted a literature search in the Web of Science Core Collection database for the key word „random positioning machine“ and refined the search to only life sciences related publications.

Out of the 120 scientific articles we found, at least 58 % were describing experiments conducted on the Airbus RPM.

Download our white paper to get deeper insights into the world of microgravity simulators, as well as the functioning of the RPM and its broad application spectrum in the life sciences.

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